Cupassu Butter for hair

Also known as Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter

What is Cupuassu Butter?

Cupuassu Butter originates from a tropical tree in the Amazon Rainforest. It produces large fruits that contain many nutritious seeds. Cupuassu Butter is then created by cold-pressing these seeds, which can then be added to haircare formulations.

What are the benefits of Cupuassu Butter?

Cupuassu Butter contains many antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids including Omega 9, that make it an essential ingredient for hair and skin! As it is a natural emollient containing fatty acids, it is highly effective at absorbing water, meaning it helps to seal moisture into hair and scalp.

Cupuassu Butter for hair

Its moisturising properties help to ensure hair looks and feels silky soft, shiny and healthy. It is especially beneficial for those with dry, brittle or damaged hair to help nourish and seal cuticles (which is why we included it in our Repair Range!). Cupuassu Butter is a particularly light butter meaning it conditions without weighing hair down! However, Cupuassu Butter doesn’t just help nourish hair, but also helps moisturise the scalp tackling any dry or flaky skin.

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