Also known as Vitamin B7

What is Biotin?

Biotin, or B7, is one of the B-vitamins. It is a water-soluble molecule, meaning the body doesn’t store it however it does have many important functions within the body.

Why is biotin good for you?

One of its main functions is to convert food into energy, but it is also important for strong and healthy hair, skin and nails. This release of energy ensures there is adequate blood circulation around the body. But why does Biotin help hair growth? When the scalp has adequate blood circulation, this improves hair follicle health and encourages hair growth.

Biotin for Hair

It's commonly used as a supplement for stronger hair, which is why we have included it in a handful of Grow Gorgeous products. Biotin improves the quality of keratin structures which helps prevents hair becoming dry and brittle. As a moisturising agent to nourish the scalp, it provides elasticity to the hair, as well as strengthening, adding body and shine.

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